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How to join the Mawum Network!

Mawum is pleased getting into closer ties with her fidel users. To acquire the unbeatable experience, get abounding rewards and obtain maximum satisfaction from our services, you have to “Join Our Network”. To join our network you MUST do the following.

i) Publish your product(s) or business (es) on any of our e-commerce networks.
This is the simplest way to join our network and make your product or company exposed into the global village marketplace. By publishing your products / business on the network, you gain from our local, national and global advertisement programs. Just publish it, and we take the pains to drive the numerous clients home.
For more information go to how to advertise on this site.

ii) Host your web page(s) at or any of our e-commerce sites.
Make your business have a web presence. Mawum is developing a series of e-commerce websites to suite the particular business needs of all our clienteles, including you. Pick interest on any of these sites and host your business on it.
We have designed several templates to suite your business. Our web pages have a model of full websites and you may not need to create an independent website for your company. Besides, this might be another way of getting a web presence before building an elaborate website for your business. Small business units and petite traders should exploit this rare advantage.
For more information of this got to Mawum Web hosting.

iii) Advertise on some columns of our website.
Independent websites aren’t part of our network, but can profit from the huge traffic and several advantages of our network, by simply advertising on some columns of our site.

Independent websites owners, larger companies and multinationals should exploit this advantage.
For more information of this got to How to Advertise on Our Network.

iv) Subscribe with!
When you host your site at, or any of our e-commerce sites, you’re automatically created an e-mail account (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots and one needs JavaScript enabled to view it. Use this account to make your correspondences and be communicated upon. This is your gateway into the world of business. Contact our customer services department for details.
Freelance visitors to our site are not issued e-mail accounts, nor obliged to subscribe to our newsletter before visiting this site. We nevertheless encourage all our users to register and subscribe to our newsletter, because of the additional benefits that follows.
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iv) Have constant trade alerts and be informed.
With a e-mail and or subscription, you gain admission into a network of both local and global trade alerts. You’re being furnished with news, announcements and latest developments in the business world and other issues which might be useful to favour your individual or investment decisions. Just try now.

v) Make! your home page.
“Just everything is here…”.What information do you really want to search at the web? Mawum can help you reach your destination. You are our concern and we just love to stay in touch.

Benefits of the Mawum Business Network.

By hosting your site or joining the Mawum Business Network, your institution gains from our global advertisement programs and you’re hook to a network of business establishments and opportunities in Cameroon, Africa and across the globe. You have that opportunity to correlate with business professionals and institutions worldwide. You are being furnished with news, announcements and latest developments in the world of business, and other issues which might influence your investment decisions.

If you’re someone with great business ambitions, you who is already great and want to improve or just maintain your market share, remains an indispensable contact point for you. Apart from that, you don’t need to undergo the stress associated with managing web sites. We take the pains to run your site, while you concentrate on running your business. Both large and petite business enterprises in particular, are urged to exploit this unique advantage.
Come then and experience what it means by staying on a spot, but being able to secure and consolidate your position within the “Global Village Marketplace”.