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Our Services

The services of Mawum have been designed to respond to the business needs of all and sundry. We combine research, product development, innovations and customer services, while sparing no endeavour to maintain our ever growing visitors.

Mawum is conventionally known for her E-commerce package – networking of business opportunities and solutions. In an attempt to offer complete satisfaction to her clienteles, several auxiliary services are provided, vis-à-vis business networking, website development & hosting, online shopping, Shipping, authentication, advertisement and direct marketing assistance, products & market sourcing, , marketing research & consultancy services.

i) Computer & I - Tech Services

Is your computer just working all wrong: stalling, freezing, not booting-up; Well, Mawum I-Tech Services can work for you to make it all right. We'll provide you with top quality repair, service, and help at affordable prices. We repair laptops, desktops, printers, and other external/electronic devices. And we'll even provide you a free estimate when you call. So don't risk wasting your energies spending valuable time on long calls that only leave you disappointed. Give us a try and you'll see why we are the best option for Web Design and I-tech Services.

ii) Business Networking - My is creating and assembling a data base for products and market sourcing in Cameroon and other countries. For more information on the benefit obtained and how to join our network, go to My

iii) Website development & hosting - Mawum I-tech:

It’s not a good idea operating your business without a web this contemporary world of business Mawum can create or host a website for you. Apart from developing or hosting your website, you don’t need to undergo the stress associated with managing your site. We take the pains to run your site, while you concentrate on running your business.
For more information on this service go to Mawum Web Design.

iv) Online Shopping - Mawum Shopping:

Mawum encourages and simplifies the process of online shopping for her clients. Our online shopping facet has a reservoir of information on the particularities of countries, companies, factories, products and their markets. Interested traders and investors can make their shopping from any part of the globe through Mawum Shopping. Those that aren’t versed with the use of the internet can also make direct shopping or orders through our offices or representatives.
For more information go to Shopping Gallery.

v) Mawum Education Networking:

Mawum harbours relevant information; connecting students, scholars, lecturers, establishments, business enterprises, organisations and freelance users, so that more and more people can get hooked unto the network. If you’re someone with great educational career ambitions, you who is already great and want to improve or just maintain standards, Mawum remains an indispensable contact point for you. Read More

vi) Shipping and Deliveries - Mawum Shipping:

Shipping and deliveries is an invariable facet of our business. Here, we seek to ensure that goods purchased at Mawum Shopping and other interested parties, are safely transported and delivered.
For more information about this service, go to Mawum Shipping.

vii) Travel & Transit:

Make your travel arrangements - airline ticketing, facilitate visa acquisition, hotel reservations and other arrangements through Mawum Travel & Transit.

viii) Authentication –African Warrantor’s Council (AWC):

AWAC is an independent body created to manage the authentication of products, companies and information published on the internet. AWAC seeks to provide some independent and transparent data on the identity of the businesses hooked unto the Mawum and other E-commerce networks. AWAC works in collaboration with other verification authorities in different countries. Hence, we accept authentication information provided by credible third party credit-reporting agencies. Read More..

ix) Advertisement and direct marketing assistance programs:

By publishing your business (products) or hosting your site through any of our e-commerce networks, your institution gains from our worldwide advertisement programs. With an independent website, you may still decide to advertise your establishment or products on some pages of our online shops.
Our sales force is also ready to give some marketing assistance to the needy. In case of full marketing, we can draw up and execute marketing plans for your products, factory or company.
For more information on this service, contact our customer services manager.

x) Products & market sourcing:

Products and market sourcing is one of the services you can obtain at Mawum. Enhanced by our shopping facet, you can obtain directives on potential buyers or sellers and the cheapest commodities, market outlets, niches and the most profitable investments available in the market.
Just write, call or meet our customer services team for more information.

xi) General Supplies:

Import, export, agency and brokery services, company representatives, supplies of food stuff and merchandise. Contact us for details.

xii) Marketing research & consultancy services:

Marketing research and business consultancy forms an inherent part of our business. We have a seasoned market research team which is always ready to get to work on demand. This team is constantly re-enforced by external expertise, to meet your particular needs.
For details just write, call or meet our customer service team.