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The below policies refers only to those interested in making an order through Mawum Shopping (our agency and brokery services). For orders from the individual supplier, contact the shop owner concerned.


The supply price of our products depends principally on the pricing policies of the factories or companies whose products we are dealing with. Our supply prices are normally quoted at the factory prices of our business partners – the factories we represent. Given that most factories have a minimum quantity of orders; supplies below such minimums are usually specified at wholesale/retail prices quoted in the local market.

Other factors considered in our pricing policy include: the product brand name, quality, availability, durability, fragility, perishable nature, season of purchase, transportation/displacement hurdles, country of production (factory base) and the regime of payment as specified under our payment procedures.

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As the case may require, the client might like to see the samples of some products before a purchase decision is made. At the request of the prospective buyer, samples of the product(s) could be supplied. The prices of samples are normally quoted at wholesale or retail prices as stated above. Some factories give free samples, but in most cases, the cost of such transactions is borne by the customer.

Pictures of the samples of some products in the market are displayed in our shopping gallery. Picture samples of products not found shall be sent by e-mail, or simply described in writing or by phone.

For more information, write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Product warranties are provided in line with the guarantees offered by our partner factories or suppliers. Depending on the product(s), purchase guarantees usually take three months, six months, one year or even more.

It must be clearly understood here that Mawum Shopping, gives warranties only for products initially guaranteed for by the production factories and these production factories take responsibility for such guarantees. In any case, the management of Mawum Shopping usually fights out for such guarantees to your benefit - the clients.


Orders are made, when the prospective buyer is satisfied with the product description, pricing policy, duration of supply, method of payment, delivery procedures and or samples. The interested buyer MUST fill our order form (here) and submit to the management of the company. Mawum Shopping takes no responsibility for orders made without the order form.

Once your order is made, the management shall acknowledge receipt by e-mail, after which you shall be informed on the prices, payment procedures, period of availability and the products’ eventual delivery. When an understanding is reached between the prospect and Mawum Shopping, payments can take place.

For more information, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Payment for goods/services ordered under our agency and brokery services (Mawum Shopping) is done only when an understanding has been reached between the buyer and Mawum Shopping as to the pricing, warranties and samples. The following procedures of payment are normally accepted:

Payment Regimes

Payment Regime I:

• Payment of 1/3 of the total supply price of the goods, before the goods are commanded (from the factory/supplier) by Mawum Shopping.

• Payment of another 1/3 of the total supply price of the goods, before Mawum Shopping makes forwarding/shipping.

• Payment of the remaining balance of the total supply price of the goods, before collection from our agent/country representative. In case of non availability of an agent in your location, a complete payment is required before shipment.
Payment Regime II:

A price discount on the supply price is awarded to the customer, in case the customer chooses to pay 100% of the supply price before forwarding/shipping.

Payment Regime III:

A premium is awarded to Mawum Shopping, in case of 100% Cash On Delivery (i.e. COD).
Payment Regime IV:

The both parties could negotiate upon payment requirements for large orders and heavy machines/equipments.
Payment Procedures:

ALL payments MUST be accompanied by a payment form, which is filled and submitted to the management of the company.

On receipt of payment, an acknowledgment of receipt shall be sent via e-mail or fax to the customer.

Local payments are made via the local banks of the country representatives, while foreign payments are made through the credit card payment system, PayPal, international money transfer agencies such as Money gram or Western Union

In case of large orders or heavy machines as indicated under our payment regime IV above, an irrevocable letter of credit could be negotiated upon by the buyer. Read More..

It is strongly recommended that no money be paid in raw cash (hand-to-hand) to any worker or representative of Mawum (at all levels of management hierarchy) without filling the payment form. Mawum Shopping takes no responsibility for any financial transactions made contrary to the above procedures. You may decide to take your chance and the risk.

For more information on payment details, and other queries, write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In collaboration with our shipping department, Mawum Shopping makes cargo groupage/warehousing and shipping/ forwarding arrangements for her clientele. Depending on the location, destination, product characteristics, amount offered for shipping, timing and other key specifications previewed with the knowledge of our customer, we can decide to choose any of air, sea or land transport.

For more information, call, send an e-mail or meet our customer services department.

Customs Clearance:

Most countries restrict the importation of commodities for several reasons (which are not our concern here). These restrictions commonly take the forms of embargoes, quotas, directives, licensing requirements, or tariffs. We usually advise (and it is the duty of) every importer to verify the importation laws of each country they are dealing with before making any purchase orders with Mawum Shopping or any of our e-commerce networks. The client is responsible for customs clearance at the entry port(s). In some countries, (where appropriate) you are not obliged, but may decide to use one of our clearing agents.

For more information, call, send an e-mail or meet our customer services department.


Once the product is ordered and payments made, it is shipped/ forwarded to the clients. In case the customer completes payment for the goods before forwarding, the goods are forwarded directly to his/her contact address, otherwise delivered through our representative in case of part payment. In the later case, the client MUST pay the balance left (complete amount for the goods), before signing out the goods from our branch office or representative.

Though we are usually interested in feedback, the transaction is considered executed immediately the product is delivered to the client.

For more information, call, send an e-mail or meet our customer services department.


Product refunds are possible, but must be avoided by all parties. As Mawum Shopping has the right to refund a product to a factory (which doesn’t supply the product(s) as specified in the orders contract), so too does our client have the right to refund the product(s) to Mawum Shopping, in case they are not in conformity with the original orders.

All monies paid for ordered product(s) refunded without replacements, must be remitted to the client in the event of product(s) refund, excluding all the costs of such a transaction. Because of the time, extra costs, administrative bottlenecks, bad faith and painstaking that go with this aftermath transaction, Mawum Shopping calls on all parties to review their order contracts thoroughly before implementation. It further calls for good faith in their execution.

For more information, call, send an e-mail or meet our customer services department.


Here we share pertinent questions and answers to some of the queries not clarified in our trading policies. Read our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers pages for details.
• Pricing
• Making Orders
• Warranty
• Samples
• Making Payments
• Forwarding
• Customs Clearance
• Delivery Procedures
• Product Refunds


Sell directly to buyers or sell trough Mawum Shopping

Have a product and looking for a market? Or are you a middleman, distributor, or re-seller searching for a channel to dispose of your good(s)? You are on the right track - keep on. Mawum remains your dependable web trading agent.

There are two ways through which you can sell your product on any of our e-commerce sites. – Directly to the buyer (client) or with assistance from Mawum Shopping. To sell directly to the buyer (client), indicate your contact address on your product link or web page, so that potential clients may contact you directly and you can negotiate the details with the concerned. Otherwise, use our Commercial Service team in case you need some assistance from Mawum Shopping.

Mawum Shopping serve as liaison to several local & foreign factories and business institutions. This is done through advertisement programs, exclusive representations, the importation and exportation of some desirable goods and services. Factories, business institutions and suppliers are welcome to sell their products and or advertise their business through Mawum Shopping. Just fill our Sales proposal form or Advertisement form. We shall be pleased if you make your proposals of other categories of interest which aren’t found on our network.

If you have a direct contact with a client, you don’t need to stay worried. Mawum Shopping has come to reduce the suspicion nursed by most online buyers. We provide cargo logistics services, vis-à-vis authentication, on the spot inspection in some countries, forwarding & shipping, ensuring that the goods purchased meet the client in a proper condition. We have a market research team that can furnish you - the seller with intelligence on the market demand.

Having an international network of representations and affiliations, Mawum Shopping is known for breakthroughs in negotiating for new local and foreign buyers. For closer ties we recommend that you "Join Our network". Link us with your sales department today and make a difference.

For more information, contact our customer services team


Welcome to advertise your products on the Global Village Marketplace. is an open website which seeks to create a database for business shopping in Cameroon, Africa and other countries.

The process is simple.

1) Display your products and contact information on our e-commence site (

To publish your product on our classified ads. section, follow these steps. The entire process takes less than five minutes.
i) Be a registered member. Register now!
ii) After registration, log-in to the site.
iii) Click Shopping Gallery.
iv) Click on new and follow the steps.
v) Enjoy shopping within "The Global Village Marketplace".

NB: You shall need the following data; the name of your company, the name of the product(s), the product category or categories you want us to display (see shopping categories), a brief summary of your company's function or usage of product (aims, objectives, solutions, etc), your contact address(es) and picture sample of the product(s), where appropriate. (Service companies may decide to display their logo image).

Immediately we receive this information, we shall acknowledge receipt and immediately activate (publish/display) your company or product on the website, to be viewed by all our visitors. The activation process could take up to 72 hours - be patient please.

To enable interested clients get in contact with you directly, we recommend that you display the true (valid) information of your product(s) and contact on this site. Customers would follow this link to reach you. A wrong contact information would create panic on the part of the client and most would not dare to reach you.
We are now at the test stage of this site. During this period of testing, classified ads are free. Profit from this to publish your product or business for free.

For more information contact our customer services.

2) Advertise on the front-page, some columns or pages of our website:

The most visited page of most websites is the front-page, given that this is the gate way into the site. Profit from this high flow of traffic to make your special adverts. You need to pay an extra charge and contact our webmaster to make this possible. Contact our customer services desk for details.

3) Host your company and products on any of our e-commerce sites:

It’s not a good idea to operate your business without a website in this contemporary business world. Mawum can host a website for you. On the page(s), you can provide information such as about us (your business), your services, products display, authentication, making orders, payment procedures, contact details, etc.
With a hosted site, your company and its products are displayed to the view and appreciation of the clients. This is highly recommended, if you want to drive the huge flow of clients into your business.
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4) Design and develop independent website(s):

A hosted site could perfectly serve as an independent business website, but if you prefer having an independent website for your business, Mawum can do that for you. When we develop an independent site, we automatically hook-up (publish) your business onto our e-commerce network.
Institutions with independent websites (not constructed by us) are still encouraged to join our network or can profit from the huge flow of clients, to advertise (with the use of an icon) on the front page or column of our website.
For more information on developing websites, go to Web Designs.

5) Direct Advertisement and Sales:

You can use the Sales Force of Mawum to advertise and or sale your products or company in a city, province, country, or region. This is a special service provided by Mawum Shopping to her clienteles.

For more information on advertisements and sales, go to how to sell at Mawum Shopping.