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About Mawum Shopping

Mawum Shopping is an auxiliary service provided by Groupe Mawum Holdings; SA. This facet of our business seeks to enhance our entire e-commerce package. It habours information, coordinates and gives directives on the particularities of the various online shops within our network, vis-à-vis the countries, companies, factories, products and markets.

We’re not, but are working persistently to become the “African Web Trade Center”. The fastidiousness in which we source for both local and global products, markets, business opportunities and solutions, makes us deserve this pride of place

Mawum Shopping has a simple and strait forward trading policy. At Mawum Shopping, you can advertise your products, which makes you exposed to a range of business opportunities and solutions within the global village marketplace. Mawum Shopping begins its day in Cameroon - sourcing Cameroonian made goods and markets for global consumption. It then moves on to introduce products, factories and institutions of other countries, into the network.

Trading at home and abroad hardly goes without some elements of bad faith and complexities, which makes many to deny venturing. There is a “cautions” and a “discussions” pages on this site which respectively highlight some of the dangers involved in inter trade and also provide answers to some of your worries in venturing at home and abroad.

To gain complete favor from our clienteles, we decide to act as a liaison between potential buyers & sellers and work hand in hand with forwarding and shipping companies to deliver the goods.

To acquire the unbeatable experience, get abounding rewards and obtain maximum satisfaction from our services, you MUST “Join Our Network”.