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Mawum Travel & Transit

Mawum Shipping is an auxiliary service provided by Groupe Mawum Holdings; SA. These services are complementary to those of Mawum Shopping. In effect Mawum Shipping seeks to ensure that goods purchased through any of our e-commerce networks and other interested parties are safely transported and delivered.

Cargo groupage, warehousing, forwarding, shipping and travel arrangements are the principal services provided by Mawum Shipping. These services are facilitated, thanks to the corporate alliances with some transport agencies, airlines, shipping and forwarding companies such as the EMS, DHL, FEDEX, APS and UPS.

Mawum Shipping concentrates on the micro management - dealing with and having the direct touch of the clienteles, while our corporate partners handle forwarding/shipping at the macro level. With a team of trained, experienced and devoted workers, Mawum Shipping has come with and shall remain your cargo logistics solution.

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