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Is your computer just working all wrong: stalling, freezing, not booting-up; Well, Mawum Computer Repair can work for you to make it all right. We'll provide you with top quality repair, service, and help at affordable prices. We repair laptops, desktops, printers, and other external/electronic devices. And we'll even provide you a free estimate when you call. So don't risk wasting your energies spending valuable time on long calls that only leave you disappointed. Give us a try and you'll see why we are the best option for Web Design and Computer Repair in Mawum 's Center.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Are computer problems bugging you? Or, rather, has your PC gone all buggy, thus creating problems for ... YOU?! We have lots of remedies to help cure what ails virus-infected computers that have gone all kaflooey on you (ka-"flu-"ey, get it?!). (We know, it's hard to find the humor when you fear all the documents and data on your computer - the Great American Novel, or the Cure for Cancer, or All Your Friends/Family/Photos/Contacts - have been infected or corrupted.)

And with the advent of new, advanced, and harder-to-see but easier-to-get computer viruses, most computer owners/users have viruses running on their PC without even knowing it. Our computer Geeks have the expertise and practice at both removing and preventing computer viruses, spyware, and malware. We even have the ability to remove viruses if/when your computer won't even boot up.

Web Design

Mawum web designers use their skill and experience to provide you with elegant and effective websites to suit your personal and professional needs. Furthermore, our Web Design can instruct you how to make changes to - and how to maintain - your website.

Data Recovery

Lose all your data?! Don't panic! (Well, ok, too late: you've probably ALREADY panicked.) But now please Step-Away-From-The-Keyboard! We have oh-so-many tools to retrieve your files - even if you've accidentally deleted them or, say, erased them by reformatting your hard drive. (Now why'd you go and do that?)

We use the same software packages that law enforcement utilizes to investigate criminals, which is pretty darn sophisticated. So we almost always can recover your lost or deleted files! Moreover, our data recovery service usually requires approximately one hour. Thus, whereas many data recovery businesses will charge you hundreds of dollars for this service, Mawum Computer Repairs can recover your lost data for a fraction of that price. 


We can come to your location at no additional cost! Drop-offs and remote repairs are also available. Give us a chance to show you why we are the best choice for computer repair in Bamenda, Cameroon.

Detailed I-tech Services

Virus and Spyware Removal
Computer Repair
Data Recovery
Computer Help
Speed Up Performance
Backup Files
Computer Setup
Virus Removal
Networking for Home or Business
Tutoring and Training
Hardware Services
Computer Repair
Factory Restore / Reset
Laptop Repair
Computer Services
Full Security Protection
Reinstall Operating System
Upgrade to Windows 7
Business IT Service
Shopping Carts / Ecommerce
Hardware & Software Upgrades
Electronics repairs
Internet Marketing

The First point of contact
These days a website serves as the first point of contact between an institution and her target audience or market. You have somewhere to refer people to on social media networks. You can collect e-mail addresses and contact information to use for ad campaigns and e-mail campaigns. A website would eventually show your clients where you are located. Many prospective consumers or clients, will search for your business using search engines and will visit the website in order to get a feel for the business. They may get frustrated if they spend a lot of time trying to find a website, only to discover that the institution does not have one. Having a website makes your business easy to find and accessible not only to people around the environs, but also to every other person located anywhere in the globe.

With a website you can communicate with anyone in the world for free. All you need is to have your email address on your website and anyone, anywhere, can get in touch. If your institution is international this saves a lot of money on telephone bills. Also, you can send a document from one side of the world to the other in a seconds (just by uploading that information on a website). As various generations grows up and come to pass, you will find that more and more people are less willing to pick up the phone, preferring instead the medium of email.

A Resource for your business and potential clients
A website can be a resource for your business' audience and potential clients to find out about the institution, the products, services and programs offered. A website is the starting point for developing a Web Presence that will translate into more revenue for the institution.
It gives people a place to go to find out what you offer. Websites are great places to offer specials for your regular visitors and Web-only specials for new customers. It develops a community with forums and blogs that encourage comments and an ongoing conversation. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are excellent tools for you to promote your business and the website itself.

But if you do not have a website, you have nowhere to point people to. It will also give you a place to publish articles and blog posts that you can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Forums that offer visitors a chance to ask questions and discuss your programs, products, services and fund raising are another way to take advantage of a website for your business.

Good impressions last
Making a website is important, but having a good, attractive and functional website is even more significant. A well-designed and well-structured website can be produced even by businesses and non-profits making organizations with minimal resources. An engaging website is the first step in directing people towards your institution and making them stay on. The inverse of this is that, bad impressions also last. There’s no point having a website that is so badly put together that it puts people off.

Trademark and Brand Image:
One of the greatest advantages of your website is the chance to really get your brand presence built up and out in the world. Brand presence is more than just a logo, although this is a vital component; it is the overall feel and look that your institution projects. Visitors to your institution and your website should see a consistent brand image that carries through your entire operation, from stationary to institution’s cards to website. Think about the brands we all know such as Coke, Walmart, and McDonald’s. Imagine that these companies don’t have a website. Fortunately, they all do have. You can immediately identify anything they are connected with because of a consistent brand image sold worldwide through their web presence.

Cost-effective marketing
Reaching a large audience with traditional print advertising can be very costly. Imagine designing and printing leaflets then sending them to everyone in your local area, the North West Region, Cameroon, or even everyone in the world. That is going to cost a lot of money! With just a little bit of planning you can develop a website that will not only get your message to your entire country but that is accessible globally.

It’s your brochure
Your website will allow people to find out all about what you do before you even meet them or they get to you. If anyone asks you for any information all you have to do is direct them towards the website. In addition, if you need to change any of the information you don’t need to print a new brochure or send out notices to all of your clients, all you have to do is update the website and it’s done!

24-hour business
If you are relying on an office alone then your business relies on someone being there to man the phones, or speak to customers or clients. With a website you are open all day every day. There may not be someone ready to talk at any time but if a potential customer or individual is having a late night brainstorm and decides they want information about your type of business, then your website is always there, ready with the information that person needs.

Connections on social media sites
A website can also help build a client base and connect with the clienteles through social media. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are excellent tools for you to use to promote your institution and your website. Connections on social media sites have proven to increase revenues and make you more money. But if you do not have a website, you have nowhere to point people to. It will also give you a place to publish articles and blog posts that you can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Forums that offer visitors a chance to ask questions and discuss your products and services are another way to take advantage of a website for your small institution.

Everyone else has one
Probably one of the biggest reasons for having a website is because most of your competitors already do. While there are still hundreds of businesses and institutions out there who remain offline, the ones who do have websites have a massive advantage. The majority of people have internet access nowadays and most of them will shop around online before getting in direct contact with your business. If you don’t have at least a basic, then to these people you don’t exist.

Why Choose Mawum
Most of our websites are database driven and are optimally built to run on high and low speed internet lines and we can support multilingual content. We are able to develop several web applications you may request (chat rooms, forums, guest books, photo galleries, etc).

Our web hosting package is luxurious, with colossal storage space and monthly traffic, e-mail accounts and periodic web statistics can be automatically made available to you.
After developing the site, we move on to train your web administrators or you can give us the job for greater efficiency. Whether we train web administrators or not, we still maintain web servicing and support, given that the technology keeps advancing with updated challenges day in day out. We are a company and being an e-commerce firm, developing of websites can not be separated from our very institution. Be reminded here that we are not free lancers.

Mawum is your expert webmaster. Even so, at Group Mawum, we prefer to custom tailor our services. We believe that no two clients are exactly alike, and careful listening has always proven us right. That is why any other day you can continue to count on exceptional, complete, timely and personalized services offered by this company. Call us, come and let us know your specifications, so we can give to you just the best of what you expect of us.
For more information on Web Development and hosting contact our customer services department.